Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Last Wednesday Night (T.G.I.W)

Last Wednesday night some of my closest girlfriends and I donned our blue wigs, sparkly eye shadow and brightly colored clothes for the Katy Perry concert. The show was a visual delight with sparkles, how'd-she-do-that costume changes, glow-in-the-dark cotton candy and plenty of dancing.

And, Katy truly brought down the house. I have always loved her, but was pleasantly surprised that she could sing so well live. It's always nice when one of your favorite performers actually sounds like they do on the radio! (I think we all have nightmare flashbacks to the Black Eyed Peas Super Bowl performance last year, right?)

We had fun singing and dancing through the entire show, and then made it out to Power and Light for a couple of fun stops, too. It was great to hang out with my all my KC girlfriends for a night!

I'm passing my blue wig on to a friend who is going to her concert in Omaha in September. I hope she has just as much fun wearing it as I did!

In the words of Mrs. Brand herself-- "To find a love that is true, you must wear a wig that is blue!"

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