Friday, August 5, 2011

Update from Derby

Last Saturday Mike and I packed up the U-Haul and my mustang and we headed south to Derby, KS. It's hard to believe we've been here for almost a week now! So far Missy May and I are adjusting to our new Derby lifestyle nicely. I love our house--so nice to have all this space, a backyard for Missy, a garage, and a basement. It's great to see Mike everyday, cook and eat together, and hang out on weeknights.

Last Thursday I said goodbye to the KC crowd with a dinner at Tavern in the Village. My good friend, Sara, who is my "foodie" friend recommended it and it was definitely a hit with everyone. Great food, great friends and a great evening! I will definitely miss all those girls, but I know I'll be seeing them quite a bit this year with wedding planning and traveling to KC for work.

I actually love working from home. I wasn't sure how it would go but I am really enjoying it. I call into meetings, chat with my coworkers on IM, and do everything I did in the office but in a much more peaceful atmosphere! Missy is definitely enjoying the company.

I'm adjusting to the new city as well. Getting used to the constant barrage of airplanes going over my head doing "touch and gos" and the incredible heat (112 on Tuesday!) Already found a new gym, new hair salon, and the best thing? Dillon's and Kwik Shop are back in my life! Never became too fond of Price Chopper or QT. Maybe I just spent too much time in Lawrence.

Mike and I had Fried Rice for lunch today. No, not just any fried rice, lunch from Fried Rice. It's a small hole in the wall place where a little Asian woman makes ONLY fried rice. So, for $3.50 you get a cute take-out box of fried rice, a pop and two egg rolls. I read the reviews about this little place online, and they're right, you must try it! Delish!

Tonight the plan is to finally make a drink and enjoy the new place. Moving is exhausting! Good thing we have an entire year before we have to think about that again. Whew.

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