Monday, June 20, 2011

Where have all the blog posts gone?

I know. It's been awhile. I have no good excuse but that I've just been too darn busy doing other things that I haven't done much blogging. But, I've missed it. I have had some great stories to tell and blogs to post but unfortunately they've all been crafted in my head while driving on the weekends. So, if you're wondering where all the blog posts have gone...they're out there. Idea bubbles floating on the Interstate.

I've had so many great weekends since I last posted. Mike and I picked out a wedding date--Friday, May 18 at The Oread. We toured the rooms and met with the wedding coordinator at the hotel. We are excited about the Friday celebration and the evening we have planned for everyone that begins with a cocktail hour!

For Memorial Day, we traveled up to Wilson Lake with a group of good friends. The lake was amazing--literally the color of the ocean! We enjoyed camping, boating, drinking a new concoction called "Paint Can" (much more delicious than it sounds!) and feasting around the campfire. One night our friend Matt cooked up bacon-wrapped venison, seasoned corn on the cob, pasta salads and smores. Definitely not roughing it.

**One thing we did learn on the trip--watch out for zebra mussels. They're sharp. Trust me.

Mike's parents visited Mankato and Jewell County for the first time the first weekend of June. We had a great time! We visited Pawnee Indian village, gave them a farm tour, drank wine at Superior Estates Winery and dined at Mankato's very own Buffalo Roam! Strangely enough, Ron and Judy had never been to Nebraska--even though for work they travel to the likes of Russia and Japan and Seattle almost weekly. So, we celebrated their first trip to Nebraska with a bottle of wine on the winery's patio.

This past weekend I surprised Mike with a birthday dinner at one of his favorite restaurant's here-- Beer Kitchen and we went out in Westport afterwards. The rest of the weekend was spent truly relaxing--going to City Market's farmer's market, going to the pool in the afternoon, watching movies, cooking at home and sharing a bottle of chardonnay on the patio. I really couldn't have asked for a more relaxed and happy weekend. Loved it.

Six weeks until I move to Wichita--and I still have a long list of things I want to do/see in KC. We'll see what the next few weekends have in store!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011